Tenant Faq

Tenant FAQs

Frequently asked questions from our tenants.

If you still have any queries, feel free to drop us an email or connect on social media.


How much does it cost me to register and search?

Nothing, Letproof.com is completely free for tenants!

Can I search outside UK?

No. Letproof.com is only for UK properties for now.

Do I need to be registered to use the site?

No. You can search properties without registering, but to contact a landlord, you will need to create a free account.

How do I arrange to view properties?

Simply ensure that you have registered, use the search function to find a property that you like and message the landlord to make arrangements.

How do I rent the property, pay my deposit and complete any paperwork?

This all goes through the landlord directly, so make sure you read our tenant guide and be sure you've discussed everything with your landlord. 

What about references?

We advise that you are able to provide a reference for your Landlord; your landlord may arrange this, or you can use our third party partner Tenantref.co.uk to do this yourself.

What if I have any issue with my landlord?

Letproof.com is the platform for tenants and landlords to meet. We provide paperwork and guidelines for both parties and suggest that you follow our recommendations for a smooth process and ensure everything is covered in the tenancy agreement you sign. If you require further advice or information please refer to Citizen's Advice

Will I lose out by not using a letting agent? 

No. Letting agents are simply adding another step to the process. As long as you read our tenant guide and keep good communication with your landlord it is simple to manage the process yourself. You then have more choice and control over your rental. 



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