Landlord FAQ

Landlord FAQs

Frequently asked questions from our landlords. 

If you still have any queries please drop us an email or connect with us on social media.


Community Spirit: Please remember that exists to allow landlords and tenants to let and rent directly, without the need for letting agents or 3rd parties. When connecting with a tenant through landlords must arrange viewings and the whole letting process themselves and not via an agent. ?


How much will it cost me to list my property on

The cost is currently only 10p per day, per property. There is a minimum list period of 2 weeks. For more details see the pricing section within landlords page.

How do I get my property loaded onto

Simply move through the get started screens.  Follow the simple steps, from registering to adding all the information that you can about your property and uploading your photos.  

What happens once I’ve loaded my property?

Sit back and wait for tenants to contact you directly.  You can check your inbox for messages and as soon as a tenant connects with you, you can begin building on this relationship. Make sure you remember to reply and don’t miss out on any matches!

What if I don’t get any tenants making contact?

If you are not getting any connections with tenants, then we suggest reviewing your listing, including the description, images or possibly the amount of rent requested.  Are your images portraying your property well?  Have you missed any attractive elements from your property description or are you charging too much or too little for your property?

Can I still use a letting agent?

You are welcome to continue to advertise your property with a letting agent. However if a tenant contacts you via you need to manage the process yourself, not through a letting agent. Our tenants have signed up to so they can experience the benefits of agent-free letting, by using this site you must respect this and never direct the tenant to an agent. 

How do I know what market rent should be?

By reviewing similar properties in your area, you can see what is being asked for a property like yours and therefore what is appropriate.

What about a tenancy agreement?

We have provided a template PDF version of a shorthold tenancy agreement which can be accessed here.

What about my inventory and my property content?

You can access our link to the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks here.

How can I be assured my tenant can pay the rent?

It’s always best to carry out a credit check for your new tenants.  See, our preferred tenant credit check service.

What my tenant's deposit?

The National Landlords Association and recommend 'My Deposits' for managing your tenant's deposit.

What if I have any issues with tenants? is the platform for landlords and tenants to meet. We provide paperwork and guidelines for both parties, but the agreements that follow are between the landlord and tenant only. It is advised that you follow the advice provided and cover everything required in the tenancy agreement you create. If you require further advice please refer to Citizen's Advice


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