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Letproof Blog

Welcome to the Letproof.com blog. We aim to bring you up to date on things happening in the property market.


Why should you be interested?


We’re revolutionising rental, we’re disrupting the outdated routes to rental and removing the letting agent altogether - less cost and less complication.


We’ve built our platform, now we’re building an app, to make it incredibly easy for landlords and tenants to come together, match, use our resources and experience a transparent, simple renting relationship.


Our next step is to make the whole simple process, even simpler for landlords and tenants on the go. Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites. (Smart Insights).


We’re live on Kickstarter now and will be until the 12th of January.  We’re excited to be taking the next step with Letproof.com, our user base is growing but we hope to be able to bring the game-changing Letproof.com concept to so many more via our app, first though, we need pledges.  


Kickstarter has brought some real success stories, getting so many to get startups off the ground, we’re hoping we can count on support from our followers and for anyone who is being introduced to Letproof.com now, we hope you see the potential we have to really change rental for the better and want to help us reach our goal over the next month.


This is not another online agency looking to offer the same services as Rightmove, Zoopla or even Purple Bricks, we are a platform for landlords, conducting their own tenant search, and tenants, looking to find their own property and landlord, to match and communicate directly to form a rental relationship with more trust, transparency and simplicity.


If you’d like to make a pledge, small or large, we’d appreciate it very much, and the rewards available might tempt you on their own, however, if you’d just like to spread the word, tell people who you feel might love to hear about Letproof.com and our Kickstarter project, then that too would be appreciated.


Join the Future of Letting, get behind us.  You can go straight to our Kickstarter page here - Kickstarter

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