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Welcome to the Letproof.com blog. We aim to bring you up to date on things happening in the property market.

We all know we are increasingly in pursuit of convenience, speed, accessibility and simplicity, we see this in the technology we carry with us, for many nearing an extension of ourselves, in the way we order food, via Just Eat or Deliveroo, even in the way we date, swiping with the swish of a finger to find ‘the one’; we see this and we know that expectations for fast-paced answers for our fast-paced lives are high and rising.


We also, however, thankfully are seeing and demanding the need for a better society, for changes to be made to the unfair circumstances we often experience in today’s society.


In turn we are seeing today’s entrepreneurs offer up exciting and socially beneficial solutions to the issues and difficulties arising or developing


We’re taking a look at and admiring some other, fabulous apps who are really making their entrepreneurial mark, improving our society as it develops. We’re not talking charity here, we’re talking about those apps or platforms who are doing what they’re doing, with the hope, aim and intention of making a positive social change along the way!



Although we are clearly a little bias, this platform is breaking the one consistent complaint surrounding rental and letting in the UK, the sheer cost and complication of the whole affair is baffling for tenants and landlords alike. Paying fees for processing, admin and other things often unknown or explained, are less frequently tolerated and both parties are now straying and looking elsewhere. This has generated the evolution from the high street agent to the online, where these sites still operate with agents, a middleman which is where the costs increase.


The solution, to remove this middleman - Letproof.com


Orange Harp

This is a very passionate and inspirational app, who have tapped into the app-loving generation and those who care where and how their products are made and their effects on the planet.

Orange harp introduces us to a pool of designers and retailers producing ‘well-made, long-lasting, and socially conscious’ products while ‘creating a fulfilling shopping experience’.




This app is Germany based, but with such a positive cause we felt we must give it a mention!  The app has seen the need of those seeking asylum in their country and provides an introduction to all kinds of useful information to asylum seekers, including help with employment, learning the language and ‘answers to everyday practical questions’ to make settling into a new culture and country much simpler!



How often have you been sitting on a delayed train, late, missing your appointment and frustration growing that you’ve actually paid good money for this inconvenience? Well, now you can do something about it with a few clicks on your mobile.  Traintrick is giving consumers the power to easily claim their refunds for these delayed journeys, processed by the Traintrick team!




This was founded by two sisters when the eldest found that her university experience often left her with seemingly useless leftover ingredients. The app takes the 3 ingredients you enter and gives you a meal or dish to make to use them up.

This app is not only positively encouraging cooking and resourcefulness among a new generation but also combatting the issue of food waste in the UK - brilliant!



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