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We’re definitely feeling the cold creeping in now we’re in November, the heating is on and the scarves and gloves are now a frequent companion whenever we leave the house.  So, before the cold really sets in, it’s time to get your property properly prepared for the coming winter months.  If you’re a tenant, speak to your landlord if you notice anything that needs attention, and, if you’re a landlord, it’s important to keep on top of property maintenance all year round and winter prepping can avoid more serious (and often more costly) issues further down the line


At Letproof.com we’ve put together a little guide to get you started, no excuses!  So, dump that 'it can wait' frame of mind and get winter proofing!



No one likes sorting out insurance, however... take the time this weekend, while you enjoy a cup of tea, to check your home insurance policy. What does it cover?  If you need to claim, at least you'll be prepared and know what you’re able to claim on. It might also pay to check that if you aren’t covered for certain Winter emergencies as a tenant, that your landlord is so that neither of you gets caught out.


Exclude those drafts

Windows and doors with broken seals are letting in the draft, letting out the warm air inside, which you’re paying for, and can be easily fixed, so get checking. 

Adding a door sweep at the bottom of your door is another great way to ensure none of that outside chill is getting into the house and they aren’t generally expensive to buy either!


Boiler Checks

Are your boiler and your heating system in good working order? If the property is a rental property then it should be checked annually so you'll likely find it is ship shape, however, if you’re unsure when it was last checked, ask your landlord.  The last thing you want is no heating and hot water in Winter!



This one is a bit of a bigger job to undertake, however, if you have the ability or resources to do so, getting up into your loft to check the insulation is a task worth completing.


Look Up

Is there anything that requires attention on your roof or chimney?  If there are any loose tiles or chimney cracks these will only get worse after a season of wind, rain and snow, so if you think it needs attention, get a quote or speak to your landlord.  As we said, acting early can be less expensive than the alternative. 


Radiators, ready!

Are your radiators ready to go? If the heat isn’t distributed evenly across your radiator and the tops are cooler than the bottom, you might need to bleed them to bring them back to their most efficient.

You might also want to check if you have any insulation behind your radiators, you can actually produce a makeshift version yourself, using sheets of tinfoil!


Avoid burst pipes

This can be a common problem over the winter periods, so if you’re not sure if you have any insulation on your pipes, this is a prime example of a preventative measure. Pipe lagging can be relatively inexpensive too, so get it on your to-do list!

In addition, if we're forcast particularly cold weather, keep your heating on low to ensure they don't get the chance to freez.  

A nice extra for Spring...

Get your garden in order, as late into winter as you feel you can manage.

Cutting back those leafy trees and bushes will help keep the exterior of your home or rental property tidier over Winter, less leafy debris to clear from the ground, drains and gutters! Plus, clearing those borders and flower beds of dead plants is a great way to prepare your garden for Spring planting (if that’s your thing)...

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