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Approaching your bathrooms and begin a mini or a complete makeover throughout #DecoratingMonth!!

Our bathrooms are a vital part of our homes and lives, and are arguably the most important room in the house, so having this space the way we like it is desirable at least! Who wants to take a bath in a cluttered room - not relaxing, or start their day by battling their way into the shower - instant mood crusher.


The issue being for many of us, the bathrooms in our homes aren’t huge or as big as we’d like them to be and in a rental property, you definitely can’t go knocking walls down to change this. This is where we need to embrace creative thinking and take on some ideas that can save space, and increase our organisational prowess in the bathroom department, giving, instead, a more calm and flowing environment.


Contain the mess

Invest in some containers that are going to be water resistant, vital because of all that condensation and the occasional splashing. Baskets and boxes can easily store your daily products and items neatly, giving your bathroom a clutter free makeover.



Mirrors work miracles when trying to achieve certain looks.  For gaining space, they’re an amazing trick to try. This space creating illusion can help to gain a flowing and relaxing  environment, and the bigger the better!  Try placing one opposite your window if you can, to reflect as much light as possible into the room.  Or if relaxation is your aim, try a mirrored surface for your scented candles.



Pick your positioning of shelving and cupboards carefully.  Keeping features clustered together so as not to cover all of your wall and, or floor space, again aids the illusion of space.  For example having your shelving above your toilet, keeping it as visually, a continuation upwards from the toilet; or having your washing bin and bin tucked under, in line with your sink - keep it neat.


Colour Pops

Adding a pop of colour is a great way to draw the eye towards the main focuses of the bathroom and let the eye wash over those in between.  Plus in a bathroom, things like towels are a perfectly easy way to do this.


Door Storage

Organise the back of your bathroom door. This is the common place we keep dressing gowns, towels and PJ’s ‘out of the way’, however, when the door is closed and you’re on the inside, it’s a little messy. To keep this organised and aesthetically pleasing, try a few horizontal rails, towel rails. This is a neater way of hanging things on the back of your door and enables you to hang and store more.


Take on the spirit of #DecoratingMonth and play around with the space that you have, you could surprise yourself!

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