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Letting out your property directly isn’t a new concept. Many landlords have done this for years. However, the majority now let their properties via letting agents who will deal with the whole process for you. However you’re then very much at the agent’s mercy; will they find you the right tenant, will they find you a tenant quickly so your property doesn’t sit empty? And of course they charge you for their trouble.

Many of the landlords we’ve spoken to want to break free from this costly ‘middle-man’ process and regain control of who rents their property. Managing the process yourself is really quite simple, you don’t need to work around letting agent opening hours, you choose who rents your property and you save on the agent fees. We identified that this is a viable and sensible route for landlords looking to save money and get to know their tenants, so we created Letproof.com.

Our platform enables landlords to advertise their property from only 10p a day (more details on the pricing below.)  We’ll then help suitable tenants find your property and they can contact you via Letproof.com to arrange a viewing. It’s then in your hands. However, we do offer support in terms of tenancy agreement templates, advice on tenant referencing etc. Here’s what you need to know…

The Cost

Sign up to Letproof.com for free. When you list your property you’ll pay 10p (or 25p for enhanced listings) a day for a minimum of two weeks. If you’ve found a tenant in this time you’ll have paid as little as £1.40!

>> As we’re still quite new listing is currently completely free!


The Benefits

  • You save money! Using letproof.com is considerably cheaper than using a letting agent.
  • Your property is an investment, you want your tenants to look after it and pay their rent on time. So, you should be involved in selecting your tenants as well as getting to know and build a relationship with them.
  • Easily and quickly upload your property details so there is an attractive profile for tenants to view.
  • When your property matches the search criteria of a tenant, they’re able to message you (for free) to ask questions or arrange a viewing.
  • We’ll also help to promote your property to suitable tenants via email and social media.
  • Avoid an empty property with the ability to arrange future and short term lets.


Going it alone means you’ll be responsible for a little more paperwork – but it’s simply really. And, we’ve created the ‘Landlord Toolbox’ which cover the basics.

Tenant Referencing – it’s simple to ensure your tenant is referenced correctly. Here’s how.

Tenancy Agreement – The National Landlord Association offer a fantastic agreement template that makes it simple to get set up.

Create an Inventory – we recommend the AIIC if you don’t already have an inventory procedure.


If you still have some questions, check out our landlord FAQs or send an email to info@letproof.com

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