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Broken Housing Market


For our landlords and our tenants, there’s undoubtedly one news story stealing focus this week - of the announcements made on Tuesday 7th, those concerning changes within the rental market have definitely grabbed our attention.

We’ve pulled together the main points for in a quick update:



> Encouragement for build to let developments

Something that has recently been of great discussion in the rental and property world; build to let properties are underway in many cities already.  With a great number, around 4.3 million, now renting in the UK, these properties will play a part in the greater issue of a lack of affordable housing.



> Longer Term Tenancies

This is obviously a welcome announcement for tenants, offering more security in rental properties,  however, the Guardian reports that the WhitePaper is ‘limiting longer tenancies to new purpose-built private rented homes’ and that ‘the government has offered renters the bare minimum’.



The question is raised, is this enough, or should there be more done for renting tenants?  A move in the right direction - longer tenancies, the November announcement of no fees for tenants, and more rental homes being provided signifies slightly better times ahead for tenants.


Theresa May is moving away from a focus on home ownership which would appear to sit in line with the rising numbers of those now, for many reasons, renting in the UK.  This shows a recognition that the housing market requires action as a whole and not just home buyers.



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