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A study undertaken by the National Landlords Association found in a survey of 900 landlords that landlords in the North East of England were increasingly likely to purchase more properties and add to their portfolios compared to last year and compared those into London.  


The NLA explain that there is a trend being shown toward landlords wishing to invest in areas where 'the upfront cost of buying property is lower' and where rental yields are likely to be higher; another sign of the more difficult times landlords have experienced over the last year. 


It found that compared with attitudes in the south, where 10% fewer London-based landlords were likely to purchase more properties in the next 3 months; the north-east market for landlords was clearly more attractive.  Last year those looking to increase their portfolios accounted for 15%, this year, only 5%. 


Further North, Birkenhead, areas of Merseyside and Swansea were among those with some of the most attractive rental yields for landlords. 


Travel up the country slightly again, into Yorkshire and landlords willing to increase their number of properties has grown here, from 10% to 16%.


The North East, however, has nearly doubled the percentage of landlords wishing to add to their portfolio with 19% of those asked wishing to increase within the next 3 months, rising from 10% in the previous year. 


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