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Buy-to-let Brokers, make sure you’re in the know with this wise move for buy-to-let Landlords.


“Buy-to-let has been transformed this year.”  An exciting claim and prospect for both buy-to-let investors and brokers, but how has it been transformed?


Setting up as a company rather than an individual buy-to-let landlord could pay off according to an investment piece in The Telegraph.


The Telegraph reported that largely due to the tax changes approaching landlords in April next year, there has been a significant rise in limited company mortgages being taken out.  The tax changes mean ultimately less income for buy-to-let landlords. With this in mind, 11% of landlords have already taken steps to ensure they are getting the best deal they can when it comes to shelling out for tax.  This may mean not only becoming a limited company over an individual landlord but also taking advantage of a lower tax paying spouse and transferring holdings to them; with a further 25% planning on following suit and protecting their property investment from tax hikes.


After experiencing a rise in demand for limited company loans over the past year, these loans now have much lower and more reasonable rates to offer.  Due to the high demand, there are now rates being offered that ‘really make sense’ according to mortgage broker Chris Lloyd.  


The best of these competitive rates for Limited companies are broken down here, and for more information on the changes to tax for residential landlords see .gov.


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