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Manchester has been identified as one of the best places for property investment in the UK.  As one of the Northern Powerhouse incentives’ main areas of investment, Manchester is a particularly attractive destination.


68% of current property investors believe that Manchester is the best place to invest.  With an already fast-growing population, set to double by 2025, an economy generating 58 billion per year and over 100,000 students flocking to study here, it’s easy to see why they hold this opinion.


The city’s education pool is large overall, as mentioned, they boast six Universities, meaning a large potential for talented minds, only good news for this great business hub.   


Those looking to invest in property here will welcome Manchester’s highly rated transport links; and the increasing amounts of office space already being snapped up, signalling continued growth for the business hub of the North.


Rivalling this Northern property investment hotspot; East London is gathering pace as the ‘best place to purchase’ according to 38% of landlords asked in a Simply Business poll.

Simply Business have identified some key areas of East London for investment:

  • Stratford
  • East Ham
  • Rainham
  • Dagenham
  • Romford

The first two of those identified, both in Newham, are proving to be financially intriguing investments for many property developers. Stratford particularly is growing in popularity and continuing to experience significant regeneration.  


London, a yet unrivalled, ever-attractive region to invest in property, is seeing investors favouring the East and South over the North and West.  According to Simply Business who identified the southern regions of Southwark and Lambert as potentially seeing a rise in tenant interest, due to regeneration, it could simply be that prices are that bit lower in these areas compared to the North and West. 


For both North and  South of the UK, however, there are plenty of attractive investment opportunities emerging in the market.  

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