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Welcome to the Letproof.com blog. We aim to bring you up to date on things happening in the property market.


It is clear that becoming a landlord and expanding existing portfolios is still an attractive investment for many, with 52% of property owners still keen to invest in buy-to-let properties, along with 46% of current landlords owning two properties already.


Nottingham Building society has released findings that one-fifth of landlords can wait up to 4 months before placing a tenant in their property. This daunting prospect can cost a first-time buy-to-let Landlord on average up to £2,000 while searching for their first tenant, although for some the search is shorter.


When looking at letting as an investment, Landlords need to be making sure that they are taking sensible steps towards filling their property promptly.  Having an empty property equates to money lost and is going to offset financial plans, potentially causing financial issues.


Letproof.com is a cost effective route to letting out a property, offering a unique pricing structure. The platform is one measure Landlords can take to ensure that they are doing all they can to fill their property quickly, avoid loss of rent and do so with little extra cost.  


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