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One of the most exciting things for a lot of people when moving house or flat is getting the opportunity to redecorate, recreate their space.  It can be an excuse for a change and an opportunity to buy something (or things) new.  It can often be the case that one of your new rooms will present you with a smaller space to work with, be this the living area, bedroom or the spare room, a small space can still be well worked into something usable and enjoyable.  Don’t be disheartened and do not fear it; if you bare these few points in mind, small space living can be perfectly pleasing.  



Get permission: The first point to make is be sure to speak to your landlord and get the OK for any changes you plan to make. Think neutral and modest when it comes to the big things like walls and carpets. Your personality, creativity and individual style can be added with accessories, textiles and movable furnishings.



1) Colours


As it’s very easy for small rooms to look cluttered, the first point we will, perhaps quite obviously, make is to use light colours.  A light colour pallet can work wonders in a small space; opting for whites and light greys or even a magnolia can be very flattering for a small space.  


Plain colours are not for everyone, so (if you’re allowed!) and would like to introduce a splash of colour here and there, don’t shy away from it.  In this case, do try working with a brighter colour or colours as too much of anything dark or heavy will bring the room back in on itself, undoing your good work.



2)  Furniture and Storage


Storage space can be difficult at the best of times; we all have more belongings than we think we do, (and we all realise during a move) so finding suitable and satisfactory storage can be a challenge, even more so for small space living.  The best solution, if it can be achieved, is to get inventive, double up.  Do you have a bed or chair that can also become storage, a desk that can easily fold back against the wall perhaps?  Additionally, really use all of the space that you have, maybe you could have storage up a height, so as not to intrude on your living space.  And, make the most of shelving, this can be much less intrusive than storage on ground level and can be made into decorative features too; corner shelving is a great space saver!


3)  Keep it Clean


This is something we all know of any space, not just small spaces! Keeping your small rooms clean and tidy instantly helps. Clutter and chaos shrink even the largest of rooms, so ensure that the storage you have picked will hold everything you need it to.  


Your small space may be one of your main rooms but, if it is going to be your ‘spare room’ try not to think of it like this or it will so easily become cluttered.  Do not make it the home of the extra chair and the boxes that never got unpacked, you should aim for a fully functioning, tidy room.



4)  Light


Lighting is an important tip, not so much a decorating tip as something to keep in mind.  If your room is open to good natural light then this is perfect, natural light really opens up a small space.  However, if you do not have any, many, or have small windows then producing plenty of artificial light can work very well too; perhaps lamps to brighten every corner of the room or various different sources of light can illuminate a room effectively.


As a sub point of ‘light’, mirrors can work well to maximise the appearance of space too.  Not any old mirror propped anywhere, but placed correctly, and reflecting the clean, light space that you have created can maximise and really show off your efforts.



The main thing to keep in mind when coming into a new space or viewing a potential new home, which will require a little small space living, is to be able to look forward to how the space could look!  Some very small alterations can change so much about a room, so do not be put off by a small space; it’s not all about the size!!



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