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Edinburgh truly is a beautiful city, as Scotland's capital and the second largest financial hub in the UK, this is a city that has it all going on, brains, beauty and of course an artistic flair; reaching popularity highs during this time for year due to its annual and infamous Fringe Festival!  As much beauty as the central hub holds, it is a different thing to live amongst it, you may find when looking at ‘Auld Reekie’ as your next residence that you’d like to be a little further away from the centre itself, as you may find with any large city.  




Although overall the city is renowned for its beautiful buildings, Edinburgh has many faces, it fronts both a new and old town, offering Georgian or medieval architecture.  With this in mind, it is worth taking a moment to look at where you may like to rent a house or apartment within the Scottish city.  Here we have put together some of the top spots you may like to look at living in Edinburgh.






The suburb of Leith was not originally part of Edinburgh, not until 1920 anyway, when it was finally embraced by the capital. Being just over 2 miles out of the centre, the port of Leith keeps you close to the city for work or commutes but also allows you to be close to the mouth of the water.  So if you enjoy living ‘away’ from the city this may be the place for you.  Being just out of the city this region is also relatively good value, so for young professionals or young families, this is a winner.


Take yourself 3 miles south-east down the coast and you will find yourself in Portobello.  Edinburgh’s only beach; this is definitely one for those of you who are not city dwellers at heart but do want to be fairly close to the action.  A perfect destination for families with the town's community spirit and organic markets held regularly.  Although prices seem to be rising in this area and close by, you can also find value for money here too.




Morningside is considered a ‘nice area’ of Edinburgh, residing south of the centre, this is an area home to some lovely individual shops, with a choice of bars and delis within walking distance, (a 20-minute walk into Bruntsfield) and offering a warm neighbourhood vibe.  Although definitely slightly pricier, Morningside is within walking or cycling distance of the town centre and has excellent bus services into the city too.  Reflecting the price of this area are the calibre of local supermarkets, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury's are your choices, however, Tesco is not far away! This is perhaps a choice for a professional couple or for a family, rather than first-time renters.




Newington, also keeping you in the south offers something quite different to Morningside and Bruntsfield.  This is maybe somewhere for first-time renters, or as is the case already, a popular choice for students.  You will be within close distance to the university and not far to Cowgate, also popular on the student scene. With bars and coffee shops aplenty here, you’ll never be bored of a weekend and can really enjoy the buzz which comes with living in this area of Edinburgh.




Stockbridge is possibly one of the most popular suburbs for those living in Edinburgh; ‘the best Scottish place to settle down’ as named by the Sunday times this year.  Good news for families of any age, looking for the perfect place to rent in Edinburgh.  This area is also within walking distance or very easily commutable by bus or taxi, if you need to be close to the city for work or would like to be for leisure.

Finding an area to rent can be a difficult thing to decide so hopefully Letproof have given you some things to consider here. All of these surrounding areas to Edinburgh have their draws but it depends on what you or you and your family or partner are looking for.  Happy hunting!


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