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So, if this is your first venture into property letting you’ll know there is a responsibility that comes with becoming a landlord and it’s not always an easy role to play.  We are here to help and have put together some useful landlord advice to get you and your property prepared for your new tenants.  

Make a Great Impression

First things first, first impressions count.  Show off your property in the best possible light.  Get the property clean, really clean, if this means hiring a cleaner or hiring someone to clean the oven then go ahead and do that.  You want to make sure that the property is clean, neat and tidy, especially for when photographs are going to be taken.



Photos of the property are likely the first thing your prospective tenants will see and are definitely influential, so put some effort into making sure that both the property’s interior and exterior are up to scratch.  Spend some time on taking the photos you choose to use and preferably take them in daylight, this makes for much better viewing.   Also, keep the photographs as accurate as you possibly can; up to date and true to form.

Do Your Research

Are you meeting the standards you need to meet?  You will have Landlord responsibilities, regulations which need to be adhered to.  Make sure you meet all health and safety, fire and gas safety requirements before you find yourself a tenant.  A little research before you begin will stand you in good stead.  Are there any repairs that need to be completed now to make your property the best it can be, not to mention hassle free for you?  These issues are your responsibility so ensure a higher level of quality at the start and you are less likely to encounter problems throughout the tenancy.


Take Note

Creating an inventory for your property is both sensible and practical and can serve as a reference point for you and your tenants.  It means that you have some security in knowing what you have provided, you can check the property meets an equal standard and is as equally equipped at the end of the tenancy as it was at the beginning.  It is also useful for your tenants to know what is already in the property for them and what is and isn’t theirs when it comes to moving out; so get creating that inventory.


Strip it Back

Remove anything that is personal, by this we mean anything of personal value or anything that gives any strong personality; in this vein, it is a good idea to also keep your colour palette neutral.  The aim is to make your property effectively a blank canvas for your new tenants, they want to move into their new home, not someone else's, so keep this in mind when getting it ready.



Are you providing white goods or a television maybe?  Things like this should all be accompanied by a manual or instruction pack.  It could be a good idea to get these items together during your preparation, making it easy for your tenant to find their way around everything in the property when they do move in.  


And of course, the only thing left to do, get your property listed on Letproof! To find out more about Letproof.com and what we offer landlords and tenants  browse the site or find us on Facebook or Twitter.



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