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Letproof.com | The Story So Far...

So if you’re here, you’ve discovered Letproof.com - great! Let us explain a little more about who we are, what our vision is and what we hope to offer the world of letting.

What We Do

Officially launching in 2016, Letproof.com will be an online, social-media-style platform linking landlords and their properties to tenants, directly. Our aim is to create a unique, transparent and simple process that revolutionises the way landlords let their properties, and therefore how tenants rent a new home.

We’ve seen how people search online is changing, we’ve seen countless web platforms rapidly grow from a simple but very effective solution, and our solution (we think anyway) is the answer to the problems currently facing the property rental process; too many high fees, too many agents and middlemen, lack of flexibility and lengthy time-consuming processes.

Who We Are

Our Founder and Director Andrew Seymour has experienced first-hand the woes of being a landlord and saw the gap for a unique service, providing both parties with all the tools to secure their next home or protect their treasured investment. The overall vision is to create a way to make the whole process of letting less competitive, more enjoyable and long lasting.

Getting to the stage we currently are has been a collaboration of long standing friendships and creating new connections, much idea pooling and a little hair pulling. Andrew’s partners in crime are Jonathan Tubb (Tubbs), Paul Rafferty (Raff) and his 16 year old son Patrick (Patch). A 52 year friendship with Tubbs, although with his current location being Russia it’s been 32 years since they last met, brought these two into collaboration one again. Raff had been a good friend of Andrew’s in their twenties, and when an old friend put them back in touch they were keen to renew their friendship, albeit with less alcohol this time!  Knowing his background, and seeing Tubbs’ CV was enough for Raff to join the team.  Patch has been involved in the concept from the beginning and is the brightest teenager we’ve come across!

Sitting in front of our investors, explaining the Tinder, Facebook and AirBnB phenomena, and how we wanted to create the same for property rental was not the easiest of conversions!

Finding seed capital and having private investors for the first time ever was a learning process too.

Once the idea and the finance was in place we put the idea to Kelly, our web developer; could it be built, how long might it take, how much might it cost?! Needless to say we moved very quickly with the development, and the past six months have been a whirlwind of learning new skills (who said you can’t teach old dog new tricks?) The site has transformed itself and the functionality has improved over and over again, and will just keep evolving. For us now it’s all about the amazing team we’re working with to make this happen, and we’re all excited and devoted to the long journey ahead.?

We’re bursting with ideas and know the potential for this concept to change things in the industry is huge. That being said we need support and feedback to make it work so whether you’re a landlord, tenant, press or simply a property enthusiast - we’d love you to join us on our journey. Keep up to date with everything that’s happening on the Letproof.com Facebook and Twitter pages and feel free to get in touch.



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