About Us

Letproof.com was born after Founder, Andrew Seymour experienced first-hand the woes of being a landlord, saw the struggles often experienced by tenants and felt passionately the need for a shakeup in the whole rental process. 

 The overall vision is to create a way to make the whole process of letting less competitive, more enjoyable and social.

Transforming the traditional routes to letting and renting could make a huge social impact and future generations will benefit greatly.  This is something we can set in motion by embracing new and unique ways to approach letting, now. 

We’ve teamed up with colleagues old and new to create a growing team, passionate about the potential of this innovative new platform. We understand the frustrations of the letting process, the costly overheads and lack of flexibility. We also see the way people search, travel, connect and live is changing and we want to be part of this by creating a simple and transparent way for landlords to let their properties, and for tenants to find their perfect home, quickly and efficiently.  

It’s still early days for us. We’re continually improving and perfecting our service as we build up the online community that will help to change the way people let and rent property in the UK. We invite you to join the site, help us grow and offer your feedback. Welcome to the future of letting.

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